What is Urgency Marketing?

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Are you feeling pressured touring shopping sites? It’s all about the sense of urgency that is highly related to the notion of scarcity. As a good or service is “good” enough to meet buyers’ needs and wants, their low supply engenders high demand and urges people to act fastly in shopping. Today, we’re gonna talk about what urgency is and some urgency-inducing phrases that you can use in company websites. 

Urgency Marketing

Urgency and scarcity are two faces of the same coin when it comes to marketing campaigns. More precisely, the more consumers face scarcity in the marketplace, the more they feel the urge to act promptly. That, in turn, contributes to improving conversions in company websites and boosting their sales. 

Why is the sense of urgency triggered by the scarcity?

The FEAR! Of Missiong Out

It is all about consumer psychology. As we mentioned in our previous blog posts, conversion rates depend on consumers’ herd mentality as a psychological phenomenon. Urgency is about the psychological triggers rooted in our brains that result in human loss aversion, also known as fear-of-missing-out (FOMO).

To be more precise, FOMO can be defined as a kind of social anxiety characterized by avarice to know what others are doing, especially when they face a limited time for discounts. In brief, we don’t want to miss a great opportunity, especially if others are grabbing it, right? Here, you can find some traces to understand better what urgency is. 

For a good or service to cause buyers to feel like they should act quickly, it has to be related to consumers’ needs or wants. In brief, urgent goods or services should be considered by buyers as ”important.”

Not only can urgency be explained by referring to a sense of importance, it also works as a marketing strategy when people are converted into customers without a delayed conversion. In other words, the value of urgency comes from its timing. What is crucial is to prompt people now rather than converting them at any time. 

Well, how to trigger a sense of urgency? 

Marketers can be considered lucky since they can create this feeling thanks to the images, buttons, and messages on their websites. As a Conversion team, we enable marketers in a wide range of sectors to use some urgency-triggering examples in their websites:

Hi Davis, time is almost up! Act now! 

Hello Sharon, claim your discount today!

Don’t miss the deadline! Get your last chance to register!

Don’t delay! Discounted (good or service) ends tonight!

New limited edition; Shop now! Only ..$!

Marry, we only have 5 left in stock! Hurry up before they sell out!

In our next blog, we will talk about some tried-and-true tips to boost urgency-driven conversion rates and sales. Keep following us!

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