Social Proof in SaaS

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Boosting SaaS Conversion Rate and Sales 

Social proof refers to the impact of other people’s decisions on people’s choices, especially when there is a wide range of socially popular options to pick from. That is to say, as a marketing technique, social proof draws on psychology to encourage online businesses’ website visitors to take action by showing them that others are happy to use their products and services. 

Recently, social proof was begun to be closely associated with “fear of missing out-FOMO” which refers to potential customers’ anxiety about missing out on something that others have. In brief, if used correctly social proof works makes wonders for marketing. That is why many blogs and articles discuss the strategic importance of social proof for any online business. However, today, we’ll specifically talk about the best social proof tools that help SaaS companies boost their conversion rate, foster trust in their brands, thereby generating more leads. 

Making Use Of Online Marketing Technologies With Your Saas Product

Explaining to people why they need software may not be as easy as it sounds since it is like a service that constantly changes without a physical presence, unlike consumer products.

Peter Cohen, managing partner of SaaS Marketing Strategy Advisor, says:

“Most SaaS buyers make their purchase decision quickly. When they need a solution, they do some online research, maybe ask a colleague, try the solution, watch a demo, and then buy. The whole process might take a few days, maybe a few hours. There are no long, drawn-out sales engagements, RFIs and RFPs, head-to-head “bake-offs,” contract negotiations, blah, blah, blah. Customers find it, they see it, they like it, they buy it. Done.”

That is to say; you need a quick decision out of your customers if you are a SaaS company. This is because many SaaS vendors cannot afford long-sale processes since things like schmoozing, demo’ing, and negotiating can be way too expensive. 

You get the idea, right?

Now, the question remains: How is it possible for SaaS companies to get quick results in their marketing strategy and to convince people to buy their services in a short amount of time?

For that zeal, SaaS companies must diligently elaborate on what they offer to individuals and how their services work. In this journey, the companies should get as much as possible positive feedback about their services at the company homepage. Existing customers’ feedbacks enable the companies to convert the site’s visitors to customers by planting the seeds of a trust-based relationship between the company and upcoming customers. In addition to user reviews on services, displaying customers’ ratings on their website is essential for a SaaS company to grow the conversion rate, thereby boosting sales. 


The answer is social proof. As we said above, people are most likely to draw on others’ decisions when they are unsure or anxious to make a decision. Using Social Proof tools is a good way to increase your conversion rate and help your customers cross the fine line of making the purchase.

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