How To Collect E-Mails For A Better E-Mail Marketing

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Let’s talk about why you should collect customer contact information and embrace direct email campaigns as a marketing strategy. If you consider, emaily advertising can actually be not as a helpful channel as one might suppose for your businness.

It is correct to jump to conclusion on the email marketing front and say social media changed the landscape since its introduction. There has indeed been a proliferation of new digital marketing strategies like social media, video advertising and growth hacking. Such digital channels enable online businesses to interact with people as a whole, thereby improving conversion rates. However, email marketing can still be placed at the heart of marketing campaigns.

Well, why?

Numbers don’t lie

From the moment you want to build an intimate relationship with people and convert them into your portfolio member, customer base or even a supporter of your brand, youd should connect with these people by ensuring an easy and quick way to grow your email database.

According to the report published by Statista, there are almost 3.9 billion active email accounts globally. The point is that even if other channels lose their somewhat temporary popularity over time, emails are here to stay for a long time. In a sense, emails are the backbone of digital marketing.  

Key to email marketing

Creating direct email campaigns is not a labor-intensive or time-consuming process compared to the old traditional marketing efforts such as printing and postage. It is still likely for online businesses to have the same imagery by enabling them to follow up the same information with one click to their website. 

Now, you know why email marketing is crucial for your business. But, the question remains: How do you collect your website visitors’ email addresses and convert them into customers in a short amount of time?

With our Conversion platform, you can add a subscription form to your site to allow visitors sign up with their emails. Our platform provides a quick signup form to online businesses. Through the Conversion’s “email collector” tool, you can stay in touch with your subscribers by sending a regular newsletter blast to update them on company news and upcoming events. To this day, it is considered to be one of the best ways to keep your audience engaged and excited.

Beware that Conversion’s enables online businesses to give a heads up to their customer about the spam mail policies.

Email Collection Widget


Email collection process – Make use of Conversion

Once you’ve created a master list of the subscribers who gave you permission to recieve newsletterss, you can start sending messages using a email marketing software. By email marketing software, you can trace the people who opened your email and how many people unsubscribed, therefore measure your own performance. According to users’ actions and email responses, you can split certain topics by grouping subscribers at your email list and privately addressing them. In other words, you can create targeted emails for targeted groups with the “segmentation” strategy. 

Our message is clear. “The more personalization, the more effective marketing.” This is mainly because it is strategically crucial for an online business to make its users feel more human and real. Happy customers always help increase your brand’s salience and boost your sales with the “word of mouth.”




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